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I am Victor, a junior product designer with a user-centered mentality and a taste for making things as beautiful as significant, from early exploration and user research to pixel perfect delivery.

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I grew up with an interest in computers and digital technologies. Today I exploit their potential in an intelligent and ethical way, promoting creativity and access to information. As a designer, my aim is to answer society and users' issues through methods of study and experimentation. My vision is that the exploratory and creative nature of design allows it to deal with subjects in an innovative ways, making it a strategic activity for shaping the society of tomorrow.
Eager to learn and to be involved in my sector, I recently became member of the Interaction Design Fondation, which enable me to follow online courses in addition to my initial background. When I'm not thinking about ways to help people through design, I enjoy looking for new outstanding fonts, reading, cooking and fishing. You can also check out what I’m up to through this page.