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I am Victor, a junior product designer with a user-centered mentality and a taste for making things as beautiful as significant, from early exploration and user research to pixel perfect delivery.

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A bit more to know me

Since my childhood, I've been fascinated by science and digital technology. It is this passion that led me to study UX/UI design. I saw in this discipline a vast field of possibilities and cutting-edge professions that anticipate the uses and needs of tomorrow. Along the way, I questioned myself on the meaning I give to the word design, how I wanted to practice it:

As a designer, my goal is to respond to issues of use, through research and experimentation methods centered on the human being. The exploratory as well as creative nature of design allows it to address issues in innovative ways, making it a strategic activity that helps shape society for the future. Eager to learn and to be involved in my sector, I support associations such as Designers Interactifs.

When I'm not thinking about ways to help people through design, I enjoy looking for new outstanding fonts, reading, cooking and fishing. You can also check out what I'm up to through this page.